Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spring/Summer 2010

Although it's still Winter 2009, designers and models are already looking at what's IN for spring/summer 2010.
Once again, flower prints are well seen since they express the feminine side and also represent the HIPPIE ERA. Pastel tons such as: turquoise, beige, lavender, pink, etc. are definetely good for the upcoming season, aswell as some bright colors as: fuchsia, orange, violet and yellow.

Grafitti will be more interesting seeing that it is modern art and is influenced by architecture and (mostly) young artists.
Clothing that will be IN s/s 2010:
- hot pants/boy shorts
- over knee socks
- see-through fabrics
- oversized/boy blazers
What I find quite confusing are the bunny ears that have already been interesting since the end of this year.

Swimwear,(aka. bikinis and bathing suits) will be, as every summer, a must-have.

I find next years looks a bit boring, since there will be once again jumpsuits, floral prints and/or patterns in general, military fashion although next year it will be more in-depth.
Like every year; ripped jeans are a big plus and look very cool no matter how. Although! our friend "ripped jeans" has a rival for 2010, because patched jeans is back in the game. I personally will not buy patched jeans, considering that I adore ripped and skinny jeans, BUT there are always people who look good in patched jeans while others don't.
Well, well, thats it for now.
Au revoir!

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