Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh the weather is quite FRIGHTFUL

The weather sucks...massively! My mood is quite down because I have just realized that a specific someone (no names =p) is nto who I think was. I thought this person would be very kind, perhaps a becoming friend and so on but now where I mention what is going to happen soon, no response!
How rude is this!? And this, desperate as I am, affects my mood...massively! Everything was still fine in winter, we talked like...normal and now the person seems to have no interest and is absolutely fine the way things are and wants no change...
I feel like a very depressive person, but the way I write to this person is not the way I would actually talk, this is caused by symptoms of mine that are trying to write in a polite way and not in a way that says "HEY! We are not directly friends yet but lets talk like we are!"...Uhmm, I think rather not.
Me, Myself and I are (or is it is?) Uhmm, we are a very hyper person and like to have fun...
But when it comes to "downness" (is that even a word?) then we are very down.
And right now I am close to shouting out loud "Why in the world is everyone so interested in the outside of someone!?" Yes readers, (if I even have any...haha, indeed irony...) there are going to be a few changes in my blog: this is not always going to be a fashion blog, this blog is going to wear posts that I feel like writing about; meaning, when I want to write about fashion I do - feelings, I will - and everything else will come! My frustration right now: HHIFEHWIGHIOWHIOHDSIOVNSVJKHUEIHBUBVNUIXBNUISBNJODEIOJDWHJIFWEHI3W!!!!!!!!HJIDWEFHIOHVOH@@@@@JNDIWENHIQWHIW**FHJEIHFO3WHÜ?JIOEWHJO!
There we go....teenagerhood? yeah, my buttox! 
Good-bye for now -.-

Monday, January 25, 2010

A little thought running through my head...

When you are teenager, you have these thoughts running through your head, right?
Like: Am I actually happy? Who are me real friends? Am I maybe considered annoying by my friends?
Well, I had those moments a few times after another since a while and they are making me CrAzY!
Ugh! Why do these feelings have to show up in the first place? Girls are known to be beasts, which on one hand is true since they have fights all the time...Why am I writing this!? This is a fashion blog for heavens sake! Oh well, I consider that Fashion blogs also need a little personal feeding about the author...
Anyways, as it is normal; friends fight and rumours spread, rumours that are not true. A fight starts and people go out of eachothers ways and one of the people involved in the fight (in this case 2 people are in a fight) find it best to go with other friends who started to be very good friends and then you may ask yourself: "Maybe this person is actually annoyed by me..." And you feel guilty and unwanted but you still keep up and hopefully realize that you are just making yourself un-necassary stress.
THERE WE GO! Seriously, don't make yourself trouble and think about all the things that could happen if.... STRESS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!
By the way, here are some pictures, I personally find FuNkAy!

Oh, before I forget here are a few shots from the Haute Couture 2010:

Sorry, but if I would have made the pictures any bigger they would have been "over-pixeled."
The two dresses are the two main ideas from the Haute Couture collection by Christian Dior.
Although I picked them I do not really like the two dresses and prefer something more....uhmm, exclusive?

Now this is what I call excluuusive and more like my taste. It also looks more like Haute Couture to me.
These two outfits were the ones that caught my attention directly out of the Paul Gaultier Haute Couture collection 2010. I really like the right outfit, it is the sailor look with a few details, for example the large fur coat, which I must mention, is often seen in this collection. Of course not the exact same for every outfit, just the same clothing piece....You know what I mean...?
Well, I leave that to you and I let you make your own opinion about it :)
Au Revoir?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I could not be bothered to do my school work and so my choice sadly fell on distracting myself, by adding a new post onto my blog.
The new Fairground collection "Smells like Women" is fresh, exciting and very sexy!

The look involves alot of flower prints and laces. The clothes are (as already mentioned) SeXy and wild and remind you of playful women, RAWR ;)

This is ideal for the Spring/Summer of 2010. The color match of light blue + black + white is      beautiful. The red dress looks ideal with the over-knee socks, which give the sexy kick. The picture on the left shows the combination of hot pants with a printed tank-top and remind me of the late 1900's.

I loooove the zip-up dresses, on the picture on the left. Especially the white one, which I think got my attention, fully. The flowery prints that are on the picture to the right, are to be seen on most of the clothes. I just adore the style and will follow on to Fairground's next collection.
Till then, Au revoir! 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chanel and China!?

As I was surfing through the internet looking for the newest in the Fashion World, I decided to go to Elle.com and loom at the newest collections.
My pick:
Chanel Pre-Fall 2010
To my surprise it was not what I expected, no pale colored exquisite/elegant clothing pieces BUT looks that were to be compared with the "chinese style."
The models were wearing Qipaos (traditional chinese dress) and straw hat formed "head gear." The colors could be defined as extreme and were in tones of red, green, black and blue.

Karl Lagerfeld described this collection would have been inspired by imagining Coco Chanel going to China in the 1930-1940's and the fantasies on this trip.
I personally found the collection surprising and interesting. Yet I found Karl Lagerfelds view of it very impressing and fascinating. The collection itself will only come out in May, meaning we will have to wait a little but as we figured the year goes by quickly.
Au revoir and see you soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good-bye 2009, Salut 2010!

Today is the 5th day of the new year and nothing too exciting has yet happened...
Nothing very amusing has taken place in the fashion world and so I might just as well review the big hits in terms of FASHION in 2009.
2009 was actually a very normal year and it was only fed by old trends:
- a bit of the 90's ( boyfriend blazers)
- Fringed clothing                                      SPRING/SUMMER 09
- Woodstock
- Roman/gladiator sandals (once again)

- Biker trend ( leather )
- Overknee boots, Winter 09/10                AUTUMN/WINTER 09
- Knitwear ( Beanies!!! )
- Military Fashion ( Attention to the broad shouldered jackets, Micheal Jackson's fav )

Ahhhh, what gorgeous trends! I enjoyed noticing that the gladiator sandals were IN once again, for 2008 they already were a Summer trend. Although I don't own a pair, since I am still searching for the right ones, I adore the trend!
Biker Trend, I need to compliment you! Finally you made our Autumn/Winter a bit more exciting and for once there was something different and not always the same tones : brown, green, beige but actual black and gold! By the way, thank-you for the leather jackets you gave us, they will be a never ending trend :)
The party look turned up at the end of the year and will probably go on for a while into 2010... PAILLETTES & SEQUINS

 In the center is a minidress out of silver paillettes from GUCCI for the fall of 2009, in my opinion it looks suitable for a party or an event. On the left we have once again from GUCCI, ankle boots also out of black paillettes, which are also exclusive for an event. 

Unfortunenately, we can not really show up in them on a normal day, for clothes out of paillettes are rather for the night, seeing that they shimmer and look too fancy for work or just to go shopping and would look certainly better on an event!

Once again, thats it for now and enjoy the night!
Au revoir!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spring/Summer 2010

Although it's still Winter 2009, designers and models are already looking at what's IN for spring/summer 2010.
Once again, flower prints are well seen since they express the feminine side and also represent the HIPPIE ERA. Pastel tons such as: turquoise, beige, lavender, pink, etc. are definetely good for the upcoming season, aswell as some bright colors as: fuchsia, orange, violet and yellow.

Grafitti will be more interesting seeing that it is modern art and is influenced by architecture and (mostly) young artists.
Clothing that will be IN s/s 2010:
- hot pants/boy shorts
- over knee socks
- see-through fabrics
- oversized/boy blazers
What I find quite confusing are the bunny ears that have already been interesting since the end of this year.

Swimwear,(aka. bikinis and bathing suits) will be, as every summer, a must-have.

I find next years looks a bit boring, since there will be once again jumpsuits, floral prints and/or patterns in general, military fashion although next year it will be more in-depth.
Like every year; ripped jeans are a big plus and look very cool no matter how. Although! our friend "ripped jeans" has a rival for 2010, because patched jeans is back in the game. I personally will not buy patched jeans, considering that I adore ripped and skinny jeans, BUT there are always people who look good in patched jeans while others don't.
Well, well, thats it for now.
Au revoir!