Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh the weather is quite FRIGHTFUL

The weather sucks...massively! My mood is quite down because I have just realized that a specific someone (no names =p) is nto who I think was. I thought this person would be very kind, perhaps a becoming friend and so on but now where I mention what is going to happen soon, no response!
How rude is this!? And this, desperate as I am, affects my mood...massively! Everything was still fine in winter, we talked like...normal and now the person seems to have no interest and is absolutely fine the way things are and wants no change...
I feel like a very depressive person, but the way I write to this person is not the way I would actually talk, this is caused by symptoms of mine that are trying to write in a polite way and not in a way that says "HEY! We are not directly friends yet but lets talk like we are!"...Uhmm, I think rather not.
Me, Myself and I are (or is it is?) Uhmm, we are a very hyper person and like to have fun...
But when it comes to "downness" (is that even a word?) then we are very down.
And right now I am close to shouting out loud "Why in the world is everyone so interested in the outside of someone!?" Yes readers, (if I even have any...haha, indeed irony...) there are going to be a few changes in my blog: this is not always going to be a fashion blog, this blog is going to wear posts that I feel like writing about; meaning, when I want to write about fashion I do - feelings, I will - and everything else will come! My frustration right now: HHIFEHWIGHIOWHIOHDSIOVNSVJKHUEIHBUBVNUIXBNUISBNJODEIOJDWHJIFWEHI3W!!!!!!!!HJIDWEFHIOHVOH@@@@@JNDIWENHIQWHIW**FHJEIHFO3WHÜ?JIOEWHJO!
There we go....teenagerhood? yeah, my buttox! 
Good-bye for now -.-

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