Monday, January 25, 2010

A little thought running through my head...

When you are teenager, you have these thoughts running through your head, right?
Like: Am I actually happy? Who are me real friends? Am I maybe considered annoying by my friends?
Well, I had those moments a few times after another since a while and they are making me CrAzY!
Ugh! Why do these feelings have to show up in the first place? Girls are known to be beasts, which on one hand is true since they have fights all the time...Why am I writing this!? This is a fashion blog for heavens sake! Oh well, I consider that Fashion blogs also need a little personal feeding about the author...
Anyways, as it is normal; friends fight and rumours spread, rumours that are not true. A fight starts and people go out of eachothers ways and one of the people involved in the fight (in this case 2 people are in a fight) find it best to go with other friends who started to be very good friends and then you may ask yourself: "Maybe this person is actually annoyed by me..." And you feel guilty and unwanted but you still keep up and hopefully realize that you are just making yourself un-necassary stress.
THERE WE GO! Seriously, don't make yourself trouble and think about all the things that could happen if.... STRESS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!
By the way, here are some pictures, I personally find FuNkAy!

Oh, before I forget here are a few shots from the Haute Couture 2010:

Sorry, but if I would have made the pictures any bigger they would have been "over-pixeled."
The two dresses are the two main ideas from the Haute Couture collection by Christian Dior.
Although I picked them I do not really like the two dresses and prefer something more....uhmm, exclusive?

Now this is what I call excluuusive and more like my taste. It also looks more like Haute Couture to me.
These two outfits were the ones that caught my attention directly out of the Paul Gaultier Haute Couture collection 2010. I really like the right outfit, it is the sailor look with a few details, for example the large fur coat, which I must mention, is often seen in this collection. Of course not the exact same for every outfit, just the same clothing piece....You know what I mean...?
Well, I leave that to you and I let you make your own opinion about it :)
Au Revoir?

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