Sunday, January 24, 2010


I could not be bothered to do my school work and so my choice sadly fell on distracting myself, by adding a new post onto my blog.
The new Fairground collection "Smells like Women" is fresh, exciting and very sexy!

The look involves alot of flower prints and laces. The clothes are (as already mentioned) SeXy and wild and remind you of playful women, RAWR ;)

This is ideal for the Spring/Summer of 2010. The color match of light blue + black + white is      beautiful. The red dress looks ideal with the over-knee socks, which give the sexy kick. The picture on the left shows the combination of hot pants with a printed tank-top and remind me of the late 1900's.

I loooove the zip-up dresses, on the picture on the left. Especially the white one, which I think got my attention, fully. The flowery prints that are on the picture to the right, are to be seen on most of the clothes. I just adore the style and will follow on to Fairground's next collection.
Till then, Au revoir! 

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