Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good-bye 2009, Salut 2010!

Today is the 5th day of the new year and nothing too exciting has yet happened...
Nothing very amusing has taken place in the fashion world and so I might just as well review the big hits in terms of FASHION in 2009.
2009 was actually a very normal year and it was only fed by old trends:
- a bit of the 90's ( boyfriend blazers)
- Fringed clothing                                      SPRING/SUMMER 09
- Woodstock
- Roman/gladiator sandals (once again)

- Biker trend ( leather )
- Overknee boots, Winter 09/10                AUTUMN/WINTER 09
- Knitwear ( Beanies!!! )
- Military Fashion ( Attention to the broad shouldered jackets, Micheal Jackson's fav )

Ahhhh, what gorgeous trends! I enjoyed noticing that the gladiator sandals were IN once again, for 2008 they already were a Summer trend. Although I don't own a pair, since I am still searching for the right ones, I adore the trend!
Biker Trend, I need to compliment you! Finally you made our Autumn/Winter a bit more exciting and for once there was something different and not always the same tones : brown, green, beige but actual black and gold! By the way, thank-you for the leather jackets you gave us, they will be a never ending trend :)
The party look turned up at the end of the year and will probably go on for a while into 2010... PAILLETTES & SEQUINS

 In the center is a minidress out of silver paillettes from GUCCI for the fall of 2009, in my opinion it looks suitable for a party or an event. On the left we have once again from GUCCI, ankle boots also out of black paillettes, which are also exclusive for an event. 

Unfortunenately, we can not really show up in them on a normal day, for clothes out of paillettes are rather for the night, seeing that they shimmer and look too fancy for work or just to go shopping and would look certainly better on an event!

Once again, thats it for now and enjoy the night!
Au revoir!

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